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Electric Dirt Bike

The king of hardcore off-road is specially designed for cyclists who love extreme sports.




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Our Core Technologies

Browse our selection of high-performance electric dirt bikes.

Permanent Magnet DC Mid Motor

The permanent magnet DC mid-drive motor, developed exclusively by MOTOPAI for M300, is a powerful pump with an efficient electronic braking function. Made of high-grade permanent magnet material and equipped with the IP55 three-protection design, it can withstand high temperatures up to 180 ° C.

74V34AH LG 21700 Cell Lithium Battery

The 74V34AH greenway lithium battery pack is equipped with a safe and efficient battery management module, with abundant power and stable temperature sensors and CAN communication protocol, ensuring high power load capacity and service life. The entire LG battery pack is only 15KG and can be quickly disassembled in 10 seconds, making it easy to charge anytime and anywhere.

High Strength Forged Aluminum Frame

The high-strength frame and sporty ergonomic design are exclusively designed for the M300, greatly enhancing the driving pleasure. With 6000 tons of pressure forging, both rigidity and flexibility coexist, as shown in the aluminum alloy forged frame incisively and vividly.

Hydraulic Damping Spring Central Shock Absorption

M300 customized hydraulic damping spring central shock absorption, with an effective shock absorption stroke of 55mm, effortlessly absorbs and slows down large shock vibrations, and filters out small vibrations. The three-section spring design of the inner tube provides excellent bearing capacity and better adaptability to any field.

3-hour Fast Charging

3-hour fast charging with powerful active heat dissipation not only extends the lifespan of the charger and battery, but also ensures safety.

Sine Wave Controller

18-tube sine wave controller, independently developed and tuned by MOTOPAI, equipped with a multi-curve composite algorithm program, is capable of real-time monitoring of speed, motor torque, and current intensity, precise control of energy release, all-terrain adaptation, and easy operation.


Product Parameters

Handlebar Length : 780 mm
Dimension (L*W*H) : 1885*780*1050 mm
Wheelbase : 1265 mm
Minimum Clearance : 270 mm
Seat Height : 830 mm
Max Climbing Angle : 45° (1 person,75kg)
Rated Voltage : 74V
Type of motor : High-Performance Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Nominal Power : 3000 W
Max.Motor Power : 6000 W
Controller Type : Pure Sine Wave
Max.speed : 80 km/hour
Type of Battery : (1) A:74V 34AH LG21700 Lithium battery   (2) B:74V 29AH LG21700 Lithium battery
Charging Current : 8A or 10A
Charging Time : 3~4 Hour
Overcurrent Protection Value : 90 A
Mileage : 120 km @ 50km/h, varies depending on terrain-A battery     100 km @ 50km/h, varies depending on terrain-B battery
Front/Rear Wheel Type : 19*1.6
Tire Type : 70/100-19 off-road tire
Wheel Diameter : 19
Brake System : F/R Four piston Disc Brake 203mm
Max.Torque for Driving Wheel : 380 N·m

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