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Discover our overseas factories and their vital role in our glo

Manufacturing Excellence

OPAl's overseas factories offer increased production capacity.allowing us to meet the growing demand for our innovative ebikes.With faster delivery times,     
customers can enjoy their new electricbikes sooner

Overseas Factories

Experience our advanced manufacturing capabilities and well-maintained facilities.

Streamlined Operations for Faster Delivery and Support

OPAl's overseas factories provide wholesalers and distributors with numerous benefits. With reduced lead times, our customers can receive their orders faster, allowing them to meet the demands of their own customers more efficiently. Additionally, lower shipping costs contribute to increased profitability.

Reduced Lead Times

Our overseas factories enable us to deliver products quickly and efficiently, reducing lead times.

Lower Shipping Costs

By manufacturing our products overseas, we can offer lower shipping costs to our customers.

Partner with OPAl for Overseas Production

Discover the seamless process of partnering with OPAl for overseas production, from your initial inquiry to the final delivery of your products.


Submit Your Inquiry

Fill out our inquiry form with your production requirements and specifications.


Production Assessment

Our team will review your inquiry and assess the feasibility and cost of production.


Production Agreement

Once the terms are agreed upon, we will proceed with the production process.

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