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Accelerate Your Sales — Marketing Support

Discover the marketing support OPAl provides to help you succeed in selling our products. We assist customers in establishing production facilities in their own countries by sharing production knowledge and providing technical support. We can even arrange for technical personnel to be stationed on-site, offering comprehensive after-sales support throughout the product lifecycle.

Diverse Product Range

We offer a wide variety of products with multiple styles and versatile features.

Marketing Support

We provide access to social media platform resources, product images, and videos to help customers promote their sales.

Training Services

We offer product knowledge and sales skills training to enhance our customers' capabilities.

Our Company's Core Competencies

Extensive Industry Experience

With 28 years in the Chinese electric two-wheeler industry, we have a deep-rooted corporate culture, ensuring sustainable business practices.

Comprehensive End-to-End Services

We offer one-stop solutions covering product development, sales, and service. With three factories in China, we enjoy a scale advantage, providing superior product quality and competitive pricing compared to peers.

Mature Management Mechanisms

Our product development, research, and design are backed by well-established management mechanisms and production chains.

Robust Supply Chain

Our collaboration with factory-approved suppliers ensures a reliable and well-rounded supply chain.

Specialized Products for Niche Markets

We specialize in providing customers with unique, premium products tailored to specific market segments, offering a competitive edge with premium pricing.

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